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The Right Way to Pay Your Medical Debt

Law - Josh Klein - November 10, 2021

If you have gone through all the negotiation, error corrections and everything else in your power and still looking at a huge medical bill, we understand that this can be an overwhelming experience.

Every year, millions of people borrow billions of dollars to pay for their medical expenses. Keep in mind that medical debt is way different from your regular debt. You can always get help with your medical bills if you cannot afford to repay.

Let’s discuss some of the best tips you can use to repay your medical debt. This is a small guide to clearing medical debt.

Avail Charity Care

There is nothing wrong in asking for charity care if you think that your income is eligible for it. Nonprofit organizations and hospitals in particular always have charity care available if you are seen as eligible.

So, if you think that you won’t be able to repay the medical debt, simply ask the hospital to provide you with charity care.

Even if your appeal gets rejected, you can still try to negotiate with the hospital to bring down the overall cost.

Apply For Medicaid

Depending on the part of world you live in, you might have access to Medicaid-like programs which repay your medical debt for specific medical procedures.

Moreover, you can reach out to some nonprofit organizations working in your locality. Such organizations always help diagnosed people with diseases like cancer and others.


If you’re already under lots of medical debt, you might find it hard to re-pay all the debt on a monthly basis. In this case, you should file for chapter 13, or chapter 7 bankruptcy based on the suggestion you get from your bankruptcy lawyer. This way, you can either ask the creditors to provide you with alternate payment plans, or get rid of all the debt without any real repayments.

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